CHC GPS Canada

CHC GPS Canada

chc gps canada

The Benchmark Group is proud to offer CHC GPS Hardware and kits for sale in Canada. As an authorized distributor we can sell the entire product line of CHC products here in Canada. Take the risk out of your purchase by buying for a licensed and registered Canadian corporation.

i80 GNSS
The i80 represents the pinnacle of productivity on today’s jobsite. Leading technology with superior capabilities, the i80 has tracks all five constellations, ten frequencies, and uses every connectivity method available. The i80 is the smallest receiver on the market incorporating dual hot swappable batteries, allowing continuous uninterrupted work. All these features integrated into a small ergonomic package results in the most productive day of surveying possible.

X900+ GNSS

The X900+ GNSS receiver from CHC leverages the latest GNSS technology by integrating 120 channels tracking GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass and field software dedicated to topographic and construction surveying.
The X900 series is one of the most cost-effective GNSS receiver selected by large number of surveyors for its outstanding performances and reliability.

The CHC X20i GNSS receiver is powered by a high precision GNSS engine with the industry’s most trusted tracking technology.

All of our CHC products are registered and use hardware that is approved for use in Canada.

The Benchmark Group also offers data prep services and training courses.

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