Foundation Isolation With Low Frequency Pneumatic Isolators

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Benchmark VIBSORB MIL C 882 Vibration Control Pad WITH PTFE Bonded

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Fabreeka PTFE Vibration Control Pad

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FRM CottonDuck Pad with PTFE

The Made in America and fabricated in Canada, Benchmark brand MIL C 882 with PTFE Bonded engineer approved equivalent is in stock and available for fast shipping!

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Foundation Isolation with Low Frequency Pneumatic Isolators

VIBSORB Canada Foundation Isolation

We proudly sell the full line of VIBSROB Canada anti VIBRATION vibration and thermal break products across Canada and the United States. If you are looking for genuine MIL C 882 products in Canada look no further. Contact us today 800 580 4195 for a no obligation free quote.

In certain applications, it is not desirable or feasible to mount a machine directly on vibration isolators.

Direct installation of vibration isolators on a machine whose frame/bed stiffness is inadequate for such, can cause bending, relative displacement and other problems, even when the floor is sufficiently rigid. For smaller machines, this can be remedied by securing the frame/bed to a rigid plate and then installing the isolators between the plate and the floor. For larger machines, the frame/bed is attached to a properly designed concrete foundation, which is then supported on the appropriate isolators for the application.

Benchmark VIBSORB designs and manufactures large capacity pneumatic and air bag isolators, which support loads from 13,000 lbs (5,800 kg) to 120,000 lbs (54,000 kg) each for foundation isolation applications requiring low frequency vibration isolation. Air bag isolators provide a larger dynamic stroke than our standard VIBSORB isolators and are used in applications where a low natural frequency (0.5 – 1.5 Hz) and large displacements must co-exist.

Key Features/Benefits

A concrete support structure (foundation, inertia block, reaction mass) is used to satisfy one or more of the following conditions:

Technical Specifications:

Pneumatic isolators are installed after the foundation has cured and the machine/equipment has been installed and anchored properly. The isolators are positioned under the foundation at predetermined support points and then activated to float or lift the foundation and machine off the pit floor.

The desired natural frequency (stiffness) and damping for the isolation system is usually established by the operating characteristics of the mounted equipment (source) and/or the isolation required (recipient). The design basis for the support foundation natural frequency assumes that the foundation is a rigid body with a stiffness much greater than the isolators. Similarly, the pit base also should be stiffer than the soil supporting it.

For large machine tools and CMM’s using automatic part handling systems where parts can weigh several tons, loading and unloading can generate vertical motion on the isolators. To avoid this problem, Fabreeka can vary the internal pressure of the isolators to lower the support foundation onto hard stops.


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