HDR High Damping Rubber Bearings Canada

HDR High Damping Rubber Bearings Canada

HDR High Damping Rubber Bearings Canada

High Damping Rubber Bearing - Vibration Reduction

High damping rubber bearing (HDR), similar with lead rubber bearing, belongs to seismic isolation bearing. It is composed of special rubber with excellent damping attribute, sandwiched together with layers of steel. Damping is an influence within or upon an oscillatory system that has the effect of reducing, restricting or preventing its oscillations. Thus, bridge bearing made of high damping rubber has excellent vibration reduction ability. Available with excellent flexibility and high restoring ability, high damping rubber bearing can absorb some input energy of the earthquake before the energy is transmitted to the substructure and can be restored after the earthquake.

Established Vibration Control Technology:

Through improving the rubber formula, the damping of rubber material is increased, thus, the damping ratio of high damping rubber bearing can approach to 15% – 18%. During the earthquake, the high damping rubber bearing will have excellent seismic effect by producing large deformation and small rigidity. Because the elastic stiffness of high damping rubber bearing relies on its deformation degree. When the deformation is small, the stiffness is large, otherwise, the deformation is large and the stiffness will be small. And the high damping rubber bearing utilizing this principle generates excellent seismic isolation function.

HDR Bearing Features:

High Damping Rubber Bearing – Fixed and Sliding Types for Large Displacement

High damping rubber bearing, also called HDR bearing pad, is one of seismic isolation bearing. It has excellent seismic isolation performance to effectively reduce the bridge damage caused by earthquake.

HDR bearing pad is composed of specialized designed rubber with high damping performance, sandwiched together with steel plate layer. When installing, the high damping rubber bearing is commonly used with top and bottom steel plate and connection accessories.

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