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MIL C 882 Vibsorb Canada Vibration Control

Vibsorb Vibration Absorption Pad

Vibsorb Vibration MIL C Spec:

The bearing pads shall be manufactured of all new (unused) materials and composed of multiple layers of prestressed 50/50 cotton-polyester blend duck, 8.1 ounce per net square yard, duck warp count 50 ± 1 threads per inch and filling count 40 ± 2 threads per inch, impregnated and bound with a high quality, oil-impervious nitrile rubber compound, containing rot and mildew inhibitors and anti-oxidants, compounded into resilient pads of uniform thickness. The pads shall withstand compressive loads perpendicular to the plane of laminations of not less than 10,000 psi before breakdown.

Vibsorb Vibration Absorption Pad Mechanical Properties

Properties Tested ASTM Test Method Value
Hardness Shore "A" ASTM D2240 90 +- 5
Tensile Strength ASTM D412 5,500 PSI
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D412 600%
Specific Gravity 1.21
Compressive Load 10,000 PSI
Shear Modulus 450 PSI
Modulus of Elasticity 23,000
Temperature Range -20F to +200F
Benchmark accepts no responsibility for individual results obtained. Everyone is strongly recommended to verify data and obtain their own independent test results. This data is subject to change without notice.

Physical Properties:

Color: Black with white fabric layers

Finish = Smooth

Elastomer Type = Nitrile

Fabric type = Cotton with Polyester

Fungal resistant

Meets the following Specifications:

D.O.T. Federal Standard Specifications for Construction Administration: of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects (1985).
AASHTO: Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges.
Preformed Fabric Pads: 16th Edition – 18.10.2 17th Edition – 2nd ED.LRFD – 18.10.2
PCI: Prestressed Concrete Design Handbook 7th Edition (2010) Part 6, paragraph 6.10.3, Bearing Pad.

Military Specifications

MIL-C-882, MIL-E-5272A , MIL-STD-810

Can Vibsorb Vibration Absorption Pads act as an electrical insulator?

Yes. Vibsorb is partially made from rubber and as such has a dielectric strength of 12,500 volts (210 volts / mil) and a resistivity of 8.5 x 10e9 ohm – cm. Natural rubber has an electrical resistance value of 10e15 ohm-cm for comparison.

Vibsorb is a high capacity preformed cushioning pad fabricated using multiple layers of high quality cotton polyester duck fabric, completely impregnated with a high-grade nitrile compound. Finished Vibsorb Vibration Absorption pads will withstand compressive loads perpendicular to the plane of laminations of 10,000 pounds minimum per square inch without detrimental reduction in thickness or extrusion.

Benchmark stocks Vibsorb Vibration Absorption Pad pad material the following dimensions in Canada:

Elastomeric Pad Thickness Sheet Dimensions Roll Dimensions
1/16" (1.6mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) 48" (1219mm) x 300' (91.5 meter)
1/8" (3.2mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) 48" (1219mm) x 300' (91.5 meter)
15/64" (6mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) 48" (1219mm) x 300' (91.5 meter)
11/32" (8.8mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) N/A
1/2" (12.7mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) N/A
3/4" (19mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) N/A
1" (25.4mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) N/A
2" (50.8mm) 48" (1219mm) x 96" (2438mm) N/A
Vibsorb Vibration Absorption Pads are also available in cut to size pieces including holes, slots and other finishing requests. Benchmark also stocks the engineer approved epoxy system for bonding Vibsorb to a variety of surfaces including concrete, steel, PTFE and composite materials.

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