Micarta Dielectric Sheets

Micarta Canada Dielectric Materials

Micarta Dielectric Sheets

Benchmark maintains stock of Micarta material and has CNC routers in house to machine the material on an expedited basis as required.

Micarta® plastics are an industrial laminated plastic created with resin-based thermoset materials reinforced with fiberglass, cotton cloth, paper, carbon fiber or other substrates by applying heat and pressure to these layers. There are several resins for Micarta laminates, which include Phenolic, epoxy, silicone, and melamine. The Micarta laminates have excellent strength, and a strong resistance to heat, stress, and corrosive chemicals. Micarta laminates are commonly used in electrical insulation, aerospace, automotive, and several other applications. Benchmark Industrial Plastics have these laminates in raw material form and specialize in close tolerance Micarta machining.

Proven Applications For Micarta:

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