Structural Expansion Bearings

Bearings – Structural Expansion / Slide Bearings

Fabreeka structural expansion bearings, or slide bearings, accommodate thermal expansion and structural rotation in buildings, bridges and pipe supports. Fabreeka designs and manufactures four types of expansion / slide bearings for a wide range of applications. The expansion bearings are supplied as an upper and lower unit prepared to be tack or stitch welded in the field.

For proper bearing design, several questions must be answered.

We require the following information to prepare a quote for Structural Expansion slide bearings:

  • The maximum available bearing area – depth, width and height.
  • The maximum expansion expected and in which direction.
  • The maximum load on each bearing.
  • The maximum beam rotation in radians at the bearing area.
  • If any slots/holes are required, a bolt pattern must be supplied.
  • Key Features/Benefits

    • SBX type bearing is designed using Fabreeka-PTFE pad in the lower unit to accommodate large rotations and high reaction loads.
    • TTX and STX type bearings are manufactured using a filled or unfilled PTFE sliding surface as required.
    • All expansion / slide bearings are designed or manufactured to specification.
    • SBX type bearings meet AASHTO and State DOT specifications for fabric reinforced bearings pads with PTFE sliding surface.

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